Whiting Farms Bugger pack

Whiting Farms Bugger pack

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For years the staff members at Whiting Farms have been using the enclosed feathers for tying their own Woolly Bers. Owner Thomas Whiting gave some of these feathers to renowned fly tier and author Dick Talleur who described them as the best ber feathers around. He followed with the sestion they should be available to everyone, and the Ber Pack was born (or hatched, depending on how you want to look at it). Now Whiting Farms is proud to provide our New and Improved Ber Pack, containing approximately double the quantity of feathers as before.

The feathers themselves have the unique characteristic of fitting a varying range of hook sizes from #4 to #12. All the fly tier needs to do is identify the location on the feather where their hook size is located and start using it at that point.


Tie the ber feather on the hook by the butt end at the hook eye after tying on a tail of marabou or chickabou. Then attache a wire rib and body chenille at the hook bend. Wrap the body, then wind the hackle from the front of the hook to the rear. Tie the feather off with three turns of the wire rib near the hook bend, wrap the rib forward and finish off the fly.

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Whiting Farms Ber pack