Ka-Bar BK2 Becker Campanion 000921181

Ka-Bar BK2 Becker Campanion 000921181

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For all those who camp, hunt or spend time afield. The Ka-Bar Campanion works just as happily splitting out kindling as it does prying apart joints and skinning game, not to mention chopping onions for the campfire chili! Includes glass-filled nylon sheath. Drop Point Blade. Non-reflective black coated blade. Grivory onlays. Flat grind for extreme sharpness.

  • Companion Knife
  • 1065 Cro-Van Steel
  • Black
  • The KaBar Becker Companion Knife is an excellent tool to use for those who camp, hunt or spend any amount of time out in the wild. This knife can easily handle jobs such as splitting out kindling, skinning game and chopping produce for cooking. It is also useful for cutting off tags and performing other common tasks. The blade's detailing is plain and the color of the knife is black, allowing it to easily fit in with the rest of your gear. The KaBar camp knife has a handle made of Grivory that is good for both grip and durability.

    • Includes glass-filled nylon sheath
    • Drop Point Blade
    • Non-reflective black coated blade
    • Grivory onlays
    • Flat grind for extreme sharpness
    • Blade Length (Inches): 5.25, Full Length: 10.5 , Thickness: 0.25
    • Material: Blade - 1095 Cro-Van, Handle - Grivory(Plain Edge)


    Blade Type:Drop-Point


    Manufacturer Part Number:BK2



    Assembled Product Weight:2.00 lb

    Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):18.00 x 5.00 x 5.00 Inches

    Ka-Bar BK2 Becker Campanion 000921181