Cortland 4pk Flies, Royal Wulff Assortment 555503323

Cortland 4pk Flies, Royal Wulff Assortment 555503323

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Make the most of your next fishing trip with the Cortland 4-Pack Royal Wulff Fly Assortment. The brand has redesigned its entire assortment of packaged flies to hook you up with fish more often. They work to offer a unique balance between performance and value. The Cortland fly is a classic dry fly that is one of the most popular patterns for catching trout, steelhead and salmon. They are easy to use and have no mess or smell like with live baits. This company has been trusted since 1915 to provide quality products that produce outstanding fishing experiences for avid fishers and recreational fishers alike. These dry fishing flies feature a classic Royal Wulff dry fly pattern design that has been and continues to be one of the most effective baits in history. Use it on the surface of the water. This pattern can also be skated across the surface of the water for terrific takes.

  • 2 packaged dry flies
  • Usage: rivers/lakes
  • Hook size(s) #10, #12 and #14
  • detailedDescription":"Grab a bag of Cortland 4-Pack Royal Wulff Fly Assortment for your next fishing trip to catch more fish.
    Cortland 4-Pack Flies, Royal Wulff Assortment:
    • 4 packaged dry flies
    • Cortland fly is good for use on rivers or lakes
    • Comes in hook sizes #10, #12 and #14
    • STK #709447
    • Trusted since 1915
    • One of the most effective flies in history
    • Easy to use
    • Makes a nice choice for an avid fisher or a beginner
    • Use it to fly on the surface of water
    • No mess or smell like live baits
    • Ideal for catching trout, steelhead, and salmon



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    Cortland 4pk Flies, Royal Wulff Assortment 555503323